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What’s in a Name?

I recently ran a campaign for a client looking for a negotiator for a firm of estate agents. As a recruitment consultant I often advertise all my jobs on the Internet and I also use the Job Centre wherever possible, particularly if the client is not looking for someone with previous experience. But like all adverts I often find the results to be either exactly what I want or utterly useless. This I will say now is not the websites’ fault, nor the job centre.

The problem was the name of the title of the job, Negotiator.

What is a negotiator? Someone who negotiates, like in the film of the same name. I would also imagine it could be someone who brokers peace between two warring countries. Equally it could be someone who has seen too much TV about buying, doing up and then selling houses and thinks they could not only be the estate agent but the interior designer too!

The correct title was PROPERTY SALES EXECUTIVE.

Once I started using sales executive in the title my life became a lot easier because the client wanted someone who could sell, not an interior designer or any other candidate with no real ability to sell. The CV’s I saw from that point onwards had people with sales experience that were perfectly happy to work in property. In fact the successful candidate said “I didn’t realise I would be considered as I didn’t know if you required a special qualification, but I applied because the job said ‘sales executive’ and I knew I could sell”.

So I looked at Recruitment Consultant, now a RECRUITMENT SALES EXECUTIVE, PR consultant, now PR SALES EXECUTIVE. And so the list goes on.

So my tip is to change the job title to reflect the job requirement.