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Taking control: Reliability, Quality or Durability

When you are presenting your company services to a new prospect the question you have to ask yourself and your client is: Who is in control?

Part of your presentation is to demonstrate your company’s ability to control the solution they are looking for, therefore part of your presentation must include those magic words. We are here to take control of your business (or at least the part you are there to talk about).

Taking control is a bit like the adult and child situation, as an adult you obviously know more than the child, even a particularly gifted child won’t have all the answers but may well know where to look for the answers. You as the sales representative of your organisation must conclude your client is a bit like a gifted child who has worked out what you can do for them.

The cost of the solution isn’t as important as the result; therefore qualify your prospect on expected results not on expected price. You already will have experienced the price based close (that’s the one where the prospect is trying to close you on price without fully explaining the requirements). Of course you may be in an industry with very competitive price expectations, but this isn’t a reason to slash your price because “Cost savers & Co” were in there before you.

Charge what you are worth

Once you fully understand what it is that makes your company so special to your prospects it’s easier to define why you charge what you do, in fact it’s so easy you can almost forget cost cutting competitors (but not quite).

When making your presentation you will need agreement from the prospect when considering what it is you offer, no agreement equals no sale, therefore do not close without prior agreement. If the prospective client has not agreed to your terms of business then you can’t justify your fees.

All the client wants is assurance that your product/service is a close fit to the problem, your solution must at least reflect their requirements. Imagine you sell a software product that can enable the user to make the tea as well as fax 1,000 documents simultaneously. Cost cutters could only manage 500 documents and no tea but they won the contract! What part of this did you miss?

A: They didn’t need a tea maker
B: They didn’t need 1,000 documents

But they did need at least 500 documents and they did require what? Reliability, Quality, Durability?

One of the above.

A good sales representative will use 90% research and 10% sales technique.

You might be able to sell ice-cream to eskimos but not if Reliability, Quality or Durability are required.

Take control by finding out which is the key to your next successful sale. And remember: Reliability, Quality or Durability.

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