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Smash Your Sales Target

There are a few sales professionals who can outperform their rivals and colleagues by generating 5 times the average.

An average real estate company agent can expect to make £100,000 for their employer, a good one maybe twice this, but £500,000? It can be done.

In telephone conferencing solutions, I met a lady who literally brought in millions in one year when the rest in her team managed £300,000 each.

Whatever industry you sell in there is always an average, it’s the average the employer sets the sales targets against, the exceptional may profit by this and here’s how.

A sales target is something an employer needs you to meet or (better still) beat. To do either you need to set out your objectives: daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily Targets

Who are you going to call? Why and when?

To call a prospective client may seem pretty obvious, but before you call the prospective client, decide on WHEN!

Unless you have a pre-agreed time to call, do you call the client at: 9am, 12pm or 5pm?

Answer: none of the above, you call the client at 08:45 AM

In fact you should be making at least 10% of all your prospecting calls before 9am or a simple target to aim for, about 10. If you are calling more than 100 prospects a day or consumers rather than business clients, this may prove harder to achieve (or just irrelevant).

The reason for this tactic is two fold, either you will get a voice mail or the actual target.

Voice Mail: Leave a message with the time of your call: “Hi this is Steve from Blogs Internet services, it’s 8:45am Wednesday 10th July, I just found some information regarding your on-line marketing that might make a difference to your response, give me a call when you have a minute”.

Or if it’s the actual target always start with: “Hi, this is Steve from Bloggs are you OK to talk for a minute?”

The prospect on the other end of the phone might be in a breakfast sales meeting and would not appreciate being disturbed. See advancing the sale in this section for more tips.

If the client says No, then just agree a time to call back and stick to it.

The idea of making a number of calls before the business day begins is simply to let your target clients know you are up and running before your competition and if 2 or 3 clients do phone back this gives you an extra buzz during the day, it keeps you busy and usually generates enough interest to meet or smash your sales target.

If your sales cycle is particularly long then this is a must for business development and account management roles.

If you allow for 10% above minimum this should put you on target, but don’t set a target of 20%, for example, as you will not achieve this and more than likely fail.

But by working to 10% above target can lead you to some exceptional results month after month.

We have suggested 10 extra calls per day based on the following calculation.

10% of prospective clients return your normal sales call, 20 to 30% react favourably to the “Early Bird”.

Fact finding or “working smart”

Find out information that is non core business, for example.

Lifestyle interests: Does your client have children, how old are they?

Hobbies: Does he/she like skiing or horse racing?


Simple: From this information you will then find out what their calendar is like, when is their quiet time/busy time. Do they make decisions before they go on holiday or when they get back? Perhaps they like tenders in before they go so they can read up and research your company whilst they’re away. After a while all this fact-finding should be second nature, in fact I bet the best sales person in your company right now knows all of this about YOU! Because it’s in their nature to be a bit nosey and may tell them something they can use to their advantage or at the very least work out a strategy that could help you, (like your sales manager).


Set yourself a daily target. Keep it manageable and simple.

Do not try to be number 1 in the first 12 months, just learn.

Work smart whenever possible.

People buy from people, you have children, love skiing and swim half a mile every day, so don’t hide this, it’s part of who you are and people connect to this, so tell them whenever the opportunity arises.

Finally, please remember. You can’t sell to everyone, so move on when you hit a brick wall.