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I have NO Objections!

Most sales training programs cover the critical phase in “overcoming objections”. Whirlpool Training Facility states: “Objections are signposts to the sale.” Tom Hopkins Training mentions the number of objections one can expect before getting acceptance from clients.

An objection is something that is or may be presented in opposition. It is an adverse reason or argument. Great closers have very few objections from their clients. They get minor questions but almost no objections. A question is a quest for clarification. Unlike the objection, it is a positive force coming from the client.

Objections come in two forms. Verbal Objections, such as, “I want to think about it” and “I have to talk it over with my wife or husband.” The second type is called the silent objection. It is the most difficult one because it is not verbalized.

Sales people get objections because they either did not ask the customer enough proper questions in the qualification phase, or they asked enough but were not listening to the answers given. In my “How To Close More Customers” sales training package, Sales people are shown ten ways to ANTICIPATE and thereby ELIMINATE objections before they are voiced.

We were taught in science class “a body in motion tends to stay in motion.” This is the problem with objections. A client voicing negative opinions tends to stay in a negative mode. Conversely, a client voicing positive comments tends to stay in a positive mode thereby making it easier to close the sale.

Timing is important. Anticipate and deal with objections in the beginning and middle of the presentation. When you then attempt to close at the end, the most you will have to deal with are minor questions. Try the above steps, you will find they work but if you have been reading carefully you will find: I have no objections!