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Experience Not Necessary

Edward was a slightly built man with a winning smile and no experience. He interviewed for a position that had more than 500 applicants. One of the veteran applicants was given the job.

Months later, he returned and was turned down again. He kept returning and applying. After the fourth time I asked my manager to send him to me for an interview.

When I explained his lack of credentials and my reservations about hiring him, he said: “I know I have no experience but I do have a desire to learn. If you give me a chance, I will not let you down.”

I hired him. It was the best management decision I have ever made. While it was true he had no experience on the job he had experiences in life (intangibles) which compensated for it. He brought tenacity, energy, and a drive to succeed. Within two months he became the top Sales Counsellor in earnings.

Magic Johnson won an NBA championship his first year with the Lakers. Like Edward, he had no experience. He did have intangibles like commitment, desire and passion. With the above traits, companies should consider when interviewing potential employees: Experience not necessary!