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Emotional Involvement Is Not Just For Relationships

It is fashionable to talk about closing the sale, however, most Sales Counselors never make it to the close because of their boring demonstrations of the products or services.

When demonstrating the product, get customers EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED and appeal to their selfish (buying) instincts. Selfish instincts motivate customers to buy. They do not buy your products because they are overly concerned about helping you to make your quotas. They buy them because of what the product or service will do for them.

In the sales training program “How To Close More Customers”, Sales Counselors are encouraged to appeal to the following SELFISH INSTINCTS:

NEW EXPERIENCES. Let customers know your product or service is different and will help them to reach new levels of fulfillment. If they believe the product will make their life more exciting and exhilarating, they will be highly motivated to buy.

ACCEPTANCE (Prestige). Having the latest model car or buying the newest in fashion wear are some things people do for purposes of prestige. They want to know that buying your product is what everyone else is doing. They want to know that owning it will make them accepted, recognized and looked upon with favor by their peers, family and friends.

SAVINGS. None of us wants to lose anything of value. We all want to save something, be it time, effort or money. This selfish instinct stimulates most people to buy your product or service. This appeal should be used at all times.

COMFORT (Pleasure) The absence of pain is the eternal motivator in almost everything we do. Customers like excitement, they want happiness and love being comfortable. They seek out pleasure and derive comfort from many things. In other words, let them know how your product will give them pleasure and make their lives more comfortable. In my next article we will cover specific and proven ways to demonstrate products (tangible and intangible), until then – just remember: emotional involvement is not just for relationships!