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Diversify Your Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales

Learn how to diversify your marketing plan and get in touch with more prospects to increase sales.

As with stock options and retirement plans, there is strength in a diverse marketing campaign—find a proper balance between offline and online marketing. First, get the media to drive new traffic; second, capture the website traffic’s contact information by giving them something (karmic marketing). And in step three, begin the process of creating a relationship.

Provide Useful and Interesting Information

One way to be sure of getting picked up by the media is to comment on something already in the news. Look at today’s headlines and see if something going on applies to your business—think like a reporter and look for the story. Another point here is that one does not have to write the story, provide the idea and information for it, and the reporters will write it themselves. This is also an excellent opportunity to take on a college intern—they provide free news releases and are, in turn, provided free hands-on education.

Get the Media Involved

It is also possible to send out a news release that could be as simple as a tip sheet. So, in a news release, it would be suitable to give five of those tips and say, “You can find the rest of my tips on my website.” This provides value and helps drive traffic to a website. The important part is to get the media involved—let them do some of the work. Once the media gets a hold of it, the exposure they create naturally sends new people, traffic to a Website, where people can find the rest of the tips or the rest of the information promised in the initial newsletter.

Call to Action

To capitalize on this new traffic, include another call to action. Every step closer, the visitor takes through marketing is a unit more that they trust the business, making it easier to capture their information once they have landed on a site. So, take advantage of this and have them fill out a quick form to sign up for a weekly email newsletter—capture their contact information and create qualified, if not exclusive, leads.

Capitalize on Leads

Do not let any of these leads slip through the cracks once you attain them. One way to ensure this is by using an autoresponder. is a reputable source for autoresponders, featuring filtering systems and spam-checking functions. It is a good idea to offer more information and add value during this initial phase of creating a relationship before asking them to buy anything. Adding an autoresponder is an ideal way to stay in touch, offer additional value, and let prospects get to know a business. Make sure to include quality copywriting to capitalize on any efforts and pull them in.

This mix of marketing techniques is that the consumer mindset is much different from it was five years ago. So, this multi-step marketing is much more trustworthy and appealing for today’s consumers.