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Before you start selling anything why not look at AIDA. This technique, developed in America in the 1950’s, still works to this day.

  1. Attention: You have to get the attention of your prospect through some advertising or prospecting method.
  2. Interest: Build their interest by using an emotional appeal such as how good they will look to their boss when they make this deal that will save the company thousands of dollars!
  3. Desire: Build their desire for your product by showing them its features and letting them sample or test-drive it.
  4. Conviction: Increase their desire for your product by statistically proving the worth of your product. Compare it to its competitors. Use testimonials from happy customers.
  5. Action: Encourage the prospect to act. This is your closing. Ask for the order. If they object, address their objections. There are then many variations of closing techniques that can help get the business.

Saleswork example below.

  1. Attention: “Unlimited sales jobs advertising”.
  2. Interest: Prices from £29 for 6 weeks advertising with telephone number display and access to the CV database for 3 months.
  3. Desire: Saleswork only offers sales jobs to UK sales personnel therefore we generate better results for our advertisers.
  4. Conviction: With 4,000 unique visitors and over 58,000 page impressions every month, Saleswork is the preferred website for many of the top sales recruitment companies in the UK.