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Sales Trends - Property Market Update
No More Houses for Sale!

Dated: 29th June 2007 have researched the latest findings in the property market and can announce a shortage of property for sale.

Recently the popular media (TV,RADIO & INTERNET) announced an influx of new properties on to the market creating an over supply to demand. What the media missed completely was the number of house sales agreed during this upsurge in houses offered for sale before the June 1st deadline. The reality is, the more houses to market the more houses went under offer, interestingly the volume of houses under offer increased with the volume of new properties to market just shows how robust the property market is.

But Why?

The property market needs a number of influences to continue growing in value. Examples of this are put simply based on similar market strategy used by Tesco or other large retailers: the more you have to offer the more you will sell, even in a recession! You need supply to offer enough choice to the buyer, the more choice the more buyers will shop with you because you have the selection. SIMPLE.

So what happened in 1989 to 1994?

High interest rates coupled with low job security.

WE HAVE NEITHER OF THESE INFLUENCES, nor do we have a European war or global conflict (even if Tony Blair succeeds to be our next Middle East Representative it doesn't tell us anything).


Some market analysts think it's good growth on a 10 year cycle starting 1982, 1992, 2002 and therefore 2012.

We accept 1982 and 1992 (I bought in '92 and did well out of it). I accept 2002 was not easy for commercial enterprises following 9/11, but 2012? Can't say!

But we can suggest there is a market correction every ten years - some small, some bigger. Therefore the next market correction should be around 2008 to late 2009 followed by a re-alignment of markets, followed by another market expansion leading us to assume a stronger market from 2012/2013 to 2020. BUT DON'T QUOTE US ON THIS. From our analysis we could be 2 years off the mark either way.


If your specialist market is seeing either an improvement or downturn in fortunes, tell us and we will post your report on the TRENDS pages ( We will include your website/company name and your name on your report.



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