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Sales Trends - Broadband now reaches 10 million UK homes

Dated: 11th April 2006

Broadband now serves 10 million UK homes, how does this impact your on-line advertising strategy?

As broadband becomes more widely available so does the sophistication of the web surfer to find what he or she is looking for. As a result of this increased awareness by users, for a business, it is more important to be found on the internet exactly where your business will produce the best results.

Google has benefited the most from key word searching as it lists websites by exact key phrases and popularity. Website developers are now ever more researching and refining their key word searches to ensure they are found where it really counts for their business.

Our research tells us: It is very likely the first time user will search using generic phrases such as "jobs" or "Employment" but after that the specific key word search is the more likely option, such as "Sales Jobs" or "Sales Recruitment".

Furthermore our research shows because Broadband is now serving 10m homes it does not mean that only ¼ of all UK households have internet access but it is more likely these households will use the internet more often to search.

At Saleswork we also analyse our own traffic, its peaks and troughs to find out who visits us and when and from where. In broad terms 95% + of our traffic is UK based, when they visit us is still during the week and during the day, in fact our peak traffic times are between 11AM and 3PM, but we are seeing an increase in traffic between 6PM and 9PM, which interestingly correlates to the increase of Broadband usage in the UK. We can assume that a large number of visitors are accessing the Internet from work either whilst at their desks or during their lunch break.

Again our research shows many employers have reacted this by removing access to websites with personal email facilities such as; MSN or yahoo, a small number of employers have installed PCs in the break room to allow access for employees when on break.


If your specialist market is seeing either an improvement or downturn in fortunes, tell us and we will post your report on the TRENDS pages ( We will include your website/company name and your name on your report.



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